Cryptocurrencies on Tech Trader:
Fully Automated Charts and Technical Analysis

The charts below for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and more are generated live from Tech Trader, a fully autonomous program trading without human intervention and originally for the stock market. "Bot" labels signal potential bottoms based on volume capitulation. Those on the 30-min chart are more short-term while those on the daily chart are extremely rare and usually longer-term.

Other tools you may find useful are the Cryptocurrency Screener for finding what's traded at unusual volume and Options Comparer for those trading Bitcoin options on LedgerX.

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MA Crossovers Aligned Across Multiple Timeframes (Xs):
Last Bottom Signal (BOT):

30 Minute Chart
IOTA-USD on Tech Trader

4 Hour Chart
IOTA-USD on Tech Trader

Daily Chart
IOTA-USD on Tech Trader

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